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Crusader 7.4 Engines

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This is a replacement for a 7.4 Engine from Crusader.

Long Block Engine Package Includes:

·       Assembled Block and Heads

o   Camshaft

o   Crankshaft

o   Oil Pump

o   Timing Components

o   Lifters

o   Connecting Rods

o   Pistons Rings

o   Cam / Rod / Main Bearings

o   Complete Gasket Set


Base Engine Package Includes:

·       Long Block Engine Package

·       Oil Pan

·       Timing Cover

·       Valve Cover

·       Harmonic Balancer

·       Complete Gasket Kit


Premium Engine Package Includes:

·       Base Engine Package

·       Exhaust Manifolds

·       Risers / Elbows

·       Circulation Water Pump

·       Complete Gasket Kit


Atlantic Marine Engines come with a 2 Year Warranty

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