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Smooth moves, Captain! Ilmor's One-Drive® sterndrive system makes maneuverability quiet and easy.


And you thought boating couldn't get any better.

Ilmor’s One-Drive® system sets the standard for sterndrive propulsion in the recreational bowrider and cruiser markets. Powered Ilmor's line up of recreational marine engines, and paired with the optional One-Touch® joystick in twin applications, the One-Drive offers a refined ride and greater maneuverability for an incredibly smooth and confident experience on the water. Ideal for recreational boating of all kinds, Ilmor MPI-S, and GDI-S engines are built to the same exacting standards as our world-renowned race engines.

Powered by Ilmor 5.3L GDI-S, 6.0L MPI-S, 6.2L GDI-S, and 7.4L MPI-S engines, the One-Drive system is offered with electronic throttle and closed cooling systems as the standard, including the uniquely closed-cooled exhaust manifolds. Ilmor engines paired with the One-Drive system also feature specifications and benefits standard on all Ilmor recreational marine engines.

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