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These Edelbrock carbs comply with U.S. Coast Guard safety standards. Cast surfaces are iridited with PTFE-coated shafts and pump arm for maximum protection. Other features include modified bowl venting, specially designed throttle shafts, accelerator pump seal, 3/8" inverted flare fuel inlet fitting, tube in airhorn for fuel pump vent, 5-1/8" flame arrestor flange, universal throttle lever and revised secondaries for improved transient performance.


Note: These carbs have no vacuum ports and are not for automotive use.  


Designed and calibrated for optimum marine performance in small-block V8 engines with a variety of manifolds. Also ideal for 4.3L V6 engines.  



Metering Jets - Primary .098, Secondary .101 Metering Rods - .068 x .047 Step-Up Spring - orange (5" Hg) These carburetors feature venturi diameters of 1-3/16" for the primary's and 1-9/16" for the secondary's Throttle blade diameters are 1-7/16" for the primary's and of 1-11/16" diameter for the secondary's

Edelbrock 600-CFM (Fits Chrysler 5.2 318, 5.9 360)

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