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At 522HP (390kW), the 7.4L MPI is the most powerful naturally-aspirated, catalyzed production marine engine available today. Our 7.4L MPI engine features sophisticated variable valve timing, forged Ilmor-developed internal components, and is handbuilt to the same quality standards as our race-winning IndyCar engines. Ilmor's MPI engine class sets a new standard for recreational marine performance. Powerful, reliable, and efficient, the MPI engine class is designed to keep your mind off troubleshooting and focused on enjoying your day on the water.


The 87-octane compatible, naturally aspirated engine architecture provides more horsepower, better fuel economy, and longer parts durability than comparable supercharged engines. The 7.4L MPI conforms to EPA, CARB, and EU emissions standards, producing nearly 70% lower carbon monoxide emissions than other gasoline engines of comparable horsepower�a benefit for wake surfers and boarders riding its massive wakes.

Ilmor Marine 7.4 MPI Engine

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