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Continuing to exceed customer expectations with outstanding overall performance, the LS3 Induction System Improvements increase airflow efficiencies and the displacement increases to meet performance enhancements.

The high-flow cylinder heads and enhanced valvetrain improve exhaust port flow and enable a more direct intake port design for increased power.

Ideal for all airboat applications where horsepower, torque and fuel economy is a must.

Returnless fuel injection system with stainless steel fuel rail. Composite intake manifold is manufactured with a lost core process to improve runner to runner variation and reduce flow losses. Strategically placed acoustic foam reduces radiated engine noise. Larger bore block with structural improvements enhances block structure and bay-to-bay breathing MEFI-6 advanced engine controller capable of meeting all emissions, OBD-M and driveability requirements of marine applications

New 6.2L LS3 (440 HP) Airboat Engine

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