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"Super" doesn't begin to cover the power this engine is packing. High-flow cylinder head design with Swirl-Wing technology induces combustion chamber swirl.

The enhanced valvetrain with offset intake rocker arms enable more direct intake port.

Consider this is your small block 'go-to' engine.

High efficiency, low noise frontdrive supercharger assembly with throttle inlet adapter

Block-mounted oil squirters for piston cooling 1.9L/rev 4-lobe 'TVS' rotor set with 160 degree twist 103.25mm bore block with structural improvements and nodular iron bearing caps

Sumped 9.1:1 high strength silicone-enhanced, polymer-coated skirt pistons with sump in dome for compression control Integrated single brick tube and fin charge air cooler with rear coolant entry (requires closed cooling)                                   


MEFI-6 advanced engine controller capable of meeting all emissions, OBD-M and driveability requirements of marine applications

New 6.2L LSA (550 HP) Airboat Engine

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