QSL9 - 209-302 kW | 281-405 hp

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209-302 kW | 281-405 hp

  • Dependability and long life proven through thousands of hours of reliable commercial and trawler operation
  • Clean, quiet operation with virtually no startup smoke from the high-pressure common-rail fuel system
  • Excellent fuel economy for long range cruising
  • Peace of mind delivered by the Cummins Captain’s Briefing and global service network
  • Built at Darlington Engine Plant in Darlington, U.K. and at Rocky Mount Engine Plant in Rocky Mount, NC, U.S.




In-line, 6-cylinder, 4-stroke diesel


Turbocharged / Aftercooled


8.9 L (542 in3)

Bore & Stroke     

114 X 145 mm (4.49 X 5.71 in)


Counterclockwise facing flywheel

Fuel System

High Pressure Common Rail


290 - 410 hp / 216 - 306 kW


1064 - 1162 lb-ft / 1443 - 1575 N•m


Product Dimensions and Weight 

Overall Length

mm (in)

1362.3 (53.63)

Length of Block

mm (in)



Overall Width

mm (in)

969.8 (38.18)

Overall Height

mm (in)

1213.7 (42.78)

Overall Weight

kg (lb)

977 (2153)



Engine Design – Robust engine designed for long life. Metric O-ring seals and edge molded gaskets eliminate fluid leaks. Aluminum pistons for exceptional durability

Fuel System – High Pressure Common Rail electronically-controlled fuel system provides constant high injection pressure regardless of engine speed or load condition. Benefits include low noise and vibration for quiet operation and faster load acceptance

Lubrication System – Standard capacity (18 L [19 quart]) marine grade oil pan, plus a selection of engine mounted and remote lube filters for installation flexibility and ease of maintenance

Cooling System – Single loop, low temperature aftercooling eliminates the need for two keel coolers and lowers emissions. Tube and shell heat exchanger designed for superior durability and ease of service with minimal maintenance requirements. Fan drive available for radiator cooled configurations

Air Intake System – Rear engine-mounted water cooled turbocharger from Cummins Turbo Technologies optimized for marine applications

Exhaust System – Cast water cooled exhaust manifold for lower surface temperatures, safety and improved performance

Electronics – 12v and 24v Quantum System electronics feature a proven ECM to monitor operating parameters such as fuel consumption, duty cycle, engine load and speed, while providing diagnostics, prognostics and complete engine protection. Simplified electrical customer interface box for all vessel connections to reduce installation complexity

Certifications – Complies with U.S. EPA Tier 3 emissions regulations without the use of aftertreatment. Designed to meet the InternationalAssociation of Classification Societies (IACS) and SOLAS requirements. Consult your local Cummins professional for a complete listing of available class approvals

Optional Equipment

  • Front power take-off adapter
  • Air and electric starting motors
  • Integrated C Command HD panels with a selection of display options available to monitor and maximize operation and performance
  • SAE B accessory drive
  • Fully integrated type approved alarm and safety system