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Inboard Tech Support

In this page you will find information to help you keep your inboard running like the first day. Here we provide our recommended break-in procedure as well as our warranty policy.

Engine Break-in Procedure

Running the Break-In Procedure during the first 10 hours of operation will: 

  1. Improve overall engine performance. 

  2. Extend the life of your engine. 

  3. Prevent excessive oil consumption. 

1. Preparing for Engine Break-In Procedure: 

  • Keep your engine in neutral. 

  • Start your engine. 

  • Run your engine for 5 minutes. 

  • Keep an eye on your Oil and Temperature gauges. 

  • Time your engine with a Timing Lamp to factory specifications. 

  • Continue running your engine for 45 minutes at 1500 rpm. 

  • Make sure your Oil and Temperature readings are OK. 

  • Note: this preparation can be done with your boat outside of the water. Make sure the water supply is hooked up correctly! 

2. Engine Break-In Procedure: The 10 Hour Sea Trial 

  • Safely run the engine with the boat in the water. 

  • Shift into gear. 

  • Advance the throttle above 1500 rpm. 

  • Vary the throttle every 15 minutes. 

  • Do NOT exceed 3/4 throttle during the first 10 hours. 

  • Check your exhaust manifolds and risers for any water leakage. 

  • Check for oil leaks around your engine. 

3. After the First 10 Hours:

  • Change your Oil and Filter. 

  • Do NOT operate at full throttle until engine reaches normal operating temperatures. 

  • Take your engine to full throttle for 30 seconds. 

  • Take note of your full throttle rpm. 

  • We highly recommend operating your engine at 300 rpm under your full throttle rpm or less 

  • Running your motor at 300 rpm under full throttle rpm or less will help avoid damages due to improper fuel/air mixture. 

  • Avoid full throttle acceleration from IDLE speed. 

  • Remember to change your Oil and Filter after the first 10 hours of operation and every 30 hours thereafter. 


Enjoy the Water! 

Atlantic Marine Inboard Warranty

Determining Inboard Rotation

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